Home Entertainment “My mama’s gon’ call me for rocking this outfit” — Simi

“My mama’s gon’ call me for rocking this outfit” — Simi


Simi yesterday, stepped out in a daring ankara ensemble that showed of a little bit of her chest area, adding that the outfit was going to elicit a call from her mum.

She captioned the photo: “My mama’s gon’ call me in 5…4…3…2…😩.. Outfit Designed/Styled by @kie_kie__ 💙

Meanwhile, Simi recently expressed her disapproval over a comment by popular fashion designer, Toyin Lawani where she said men were entitled to 10 women and must not be castigated for cheating.

Toyin had in her controversial Fathers Day post shared on Instagram that men are natural cheats and are thus entitled to 10 women, a statement which has not gone down well with many ladies on social media.

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She also lambasted other women for insulting their baby daddies on social media and also claiming to be both the father and mother in their children’s lives.

However, Simi countering Toyin said if a man cheats constantly, he is an animal.

She went further to caution Nigerians against normalizing infidelity in an African man.

On her Instagram page, she wrote, “This narrative that all men are cheats get on my nerves because it’s really bullshit, but you see, that’s not even my problem with this.

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“If you don’t hold a man that is with you to a standard, then why should he hold himself to one and vice versa. There are good men and women that choose to do the right thing unless your partner is an animal, he or she cannot do the right thing.

“Stop normalising infidelity, especially for men if you continuously allow anyone to disrespect you when you accept it as the norm, they will continue to disrespect you.

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“Value is not a foreign thing, we need to quit it with the bullshit mentality that African men must cheat. Value yourself.”

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