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    Alex writes down heartwarming birthday message to her mum


    Alex has taken to her social media page to appreciate her mother, Barrister Mrs. Asogwa who is a year older today.

    Alex writes down heartwarming birthday message to her mum

    In a beautiful video, the young lady shared compiled photos of her mother while a beautiful rendition from Celine Dion played in the background and penned down a heart warming message to her mother which read:

    First of all,please if my phone rings,allow me to pick. Stop running to pick it first. Please help me beg this woman and tell her I have grown 🤣🤣. Mummy,I know it’s hard and scary watching your own children grow but never believe we will leave. I’m always going to be that little girl that dropped her meat on the floor to go inside and carry her teddy bear and came out to pick it up but ants almost finished my mouth.

    I’m always going to be that little girl that almost got you in trouble with strangers because I asked them questions exactly the way I felt. I’m always going to be that little girl that comes to sleep inbetween you and daddy because I had a bad dream or claimed to🤣. I’m always going to be that troublesome one🤣. I’m always going to be your daughter. I know we have times when we don’t agree on certain things,times when I annoy you (and you annoy me too😁), times when I make you want to sell me but I love you endlessly.

    I remember when my siblings and I thought we were all adopted🤣 but you kept being you and we learnt to do better. You are the best wife ever,the best mum ever,the best friend anyone can have. Thanks for teaching me to be comfortable with whatever I can responsibly get. Thanks for starving for us to eat. Thanks for teaching me to be unique. Thanks for giving me the courage to teach my teachers that they shouldn’t hit my head as I might go mad😁 and that they shouldn’t ruin my skin with flog marks😁. By the way,you and @teez_dora cheated me bum bumly 🤣. Thanks for teaching me that being successful is not about money and luxurious life or expensive things. Thanks for accepting my friends and making them your children. Happy birthday to the best mother ever. You are irreplaceable. Thanks for being a reason for people to calm down and read. May God bless you abundantly. I’ll make you proud mum. Happy birthday Barrister Mrs. Asogwa Eberechukwu.

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