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    Bobrisky threatens to beat bloggers and journalists who take unfiltered photos of him


    Controversial Nigerian transvestite, Bobrisky has issue out a warning to deal with any blogger or Journalist who prey on him at any event in a bid to take displeasing shots of him for their audiences.

    The effeminate is of the notion that these bloggers are purposely out to tarnish his image and make him look ugly when he is such a beauty to behold.

    He said that henceforth, cameras are not allowed near him at events. He also revealed that he is employing the services of bodyguards and bouncers to curb the unwanted acts of these thirsty bloggers.

    Recently, some unappealing and quite ‘hairy’ photos of the cross-dresser had made the rounds online after he had posted the filtered version.

    He went ahead to state that whosoever comes across his space will not only be assaulted but will also have his phones and gadgets seized.

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