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    Poverty was once my next door neighbour — Ifu Ennada


    2018 Big Brother Naija Former HOusemate, Ifu Ennada is reflecting on her past.. Sharing a TBT moment yesterday on how she grew up in poverty. The delectable actress wrote:

    #TBT Once upon a time, poverty was my next door neighbour…15yrs old Ifu.

    I remember how some man almost forced me into acting in Child Pornography. He said the money was good and would help liberate my family financially, but I knew that life wasn’t for me. I just knew God would bless me and it wouldn’t be from sleeping with people to get money or acting in such immoral films. —

    I don’t even know where the man is, last I heard of him, about 7yrs ago, he was terribly sick.

    Wetin I never see for this life? —

    beautIFU people of God, my story is changing one day at a time, if God can lift me up and change my story, he can do the same to you.

    Don’t give up, keep working, have faith, your breakthroughs are closer than you think. —

    Can you spot me in this picture?

    Hint: My face was always significantly darker than my body because trekking long distances and hawking was a major part of my life then.

    I’m very grateful to God. I’m grateful to everyone one of you supporting me and making sure I stay on top. —

    I love you all.

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