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Two Nigerian women fight in the middle of the street in India (Video)


Two Nigerian women were recorded on camera, exchanging fisticuffs in the middle of a street in India while passersby looked on.

The women according to a report, had a disagreement which they decided to settle with their fists.

The women can be seen grabbing at each other’s clothes and flesh as they fought in Mahavia Enclave Palam, New Delhi, India.

Friends tried to intervene but the fight continued.

The video was shared on Facebook by user, Godson Osas, who wrote,

Look at what a grown up Nigerian Benin ashawo girls are doing in Mahavia Enclave Palam New Delhi India, disgracing themselves in another man’s land , tarnishing the image of Nigerians in India, this is why Indians are looking down on Nigerians , this is why Indian police are disturbing Nigerians here and there ,share until it gets to AINSCA so that they should call all these girls in other , both the mode of their dressing and hanging around at odd time are not encouraging, even their social media posts are so bad.

Watch the video below,

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