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    CDQ explains why he spent N20 million on his new car


    Rapper CDQ had a chat with Sunday Scoop and he’s reveled the reason why he splashed a N20 million naira on his recently-acquired 2017 Ford Mustang Fastback car.

    While speaking with Sunday Scoop, CDQ said it was normal for people to say whatever they wanted.

    cdq explains

    He stated: “It is allowed for people to judge you or have their own opinions about you, but everything is between you and your God. I do strictly music; both digital sales of music and performing all over the world.”

    While he was younger, CDQ said he had always wanted to achieve all the things he was doing now. According to the rapper, he is living his dream now.

    cdq explains

    CDQ, who shares a close intimacy with his mother, admitted that he didn’t tell her when he wanted to buy the new car. Becasue he believed he is mature enough to act independently.

    He said: “I didn’t have to tell my mum or make her know the worth of my car. I believe I’m mature enough to decide what I want for myself so far I can do the work myself. The car I brought is a 2017 Mustang; it’s over N20 million.”

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