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Covenant University Scandal: Expelled student takes school to court and wins, then the table turns after the Ladies involved speaks (All the Details!)


About two days ago, a Covenant University student who was allegedly framed up and expelled after spending 5 years in the school, took the institution to court and won the case against them.

Following his victory, he went online to expose a lot of things supposedly going on in the school and the people involved.

In a thread which has since been taken down, Mr. Adooh Emmanuel shared how he was expelled after he was done with his final exams and his project.

Everyone had discouraged him he couldn’t win the case in court because others before him have tried and lost – the school itself also allegedly boasted of the same thing.

Subsequently, his father involved SAN Falana and they were able to win in court.

Exposing the things going on in the institution, Adooh called names and gave the Twitter handle of one of them. He, however, mentioned that Bishop Oyedepo has nothing to do with the corruption going on there, instead, it is the fault of the people he left in charge.

Though he deleted his tweets, stating that his sister asked him to, it had already been captured by Thread Reader and can be seen below.

It’s quite lengthy but continue with it as things take a new turn afterwards,

Not more than 48 hours later, Omotayo Dada has now responded to Adooh’s allegations as she’s taken to Twitter to release her side of the story after she and her family began receiving threats when the scandal went viral.

Marilyn has also shared her side of the story on the microblogging platform and it corresponds with Omotayo’s story.

The two ladies also claim they have audio evidence of Adooh confessing to the crimes not knowing he was being recorded. They also have screenshots of messages which they say they will release with time.

Omotayo’s response,

Marilyn’s response,

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