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    “I almost poisoned my brother over 9ice and Ruggedman’s beef” – Instagram user shares (Screenshots)


    After Nigerian entertainer and anti-SARS advocate, Ruggedman shared a photo of himself and Nigerian singer, 9ice on Instagram earlier today, one of his fans opened up about his long lasting beef with his own brother over the infamous Ruggedman VS 9ice beef.

    Few years back, when 9ice was in the prime of his musical career, there was a serious brawl between himself and Ruggedman, who then said he was the one who brought 9ice into limelight and still, 9ice was somewhat ungrateful and disrespectful to him.

    Well, they obviously put an end to their brawl and few years later, we’re seeing a photo of them together which proves that there isn’t bad blood between them.

    After Ruggedman shared a photo of himself and the singer together, a fan revealed how he got into a fight with his brother over the issue and was so close to having him poisoned.

    See screenshots below,

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