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Man who climbed mast to protest against Buhari, Nura Iliyasu lands in DSS custody


The man who climbed a mast to protest against incumbent Nigerian president asking him to resign, Nura Iliyasu has according to a tweet, being picked up by the DSS and is currently in their custody.

Activist, Adeyanju Deji’s concerned Nigeria group are threatening to occupy the SSS office – he wrote on his Twitter page,

I have just been informed that this great Nigerian that protested the untold hardship in the country calling on President Buhari to resign has spent 3dsys in SSS custody. This is unacceptable. We @ConcernedNIG are calling for his unconditional release or we will #OcuppySSS.

During the week, Nura Iliyasu climbed a telecom mast to protest the re-election of President Buhari.

According to sources, he climbed the mast to also protest the economic hardship in the country, stating that President Buhari does not deserve another 4 years.. He was heard saying, “I won’t come down, until Buhari leaves the office

He eventually came down, 24 hours later.

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