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Lady Breaks Into Ex-boyfriend’s Home With Cutlass; Forces Him To Have Sex


Lady Breaks Into Ex-boyfriend's Home With Cutlass; Forces Him To Have Sex

A woman who broke into her ex-boyfriend’s home and forced him to have sex at knifepoint has been sentenced 20 years in a mental health facility.

Samantha Ray Mears must serve 20 years in a facility in the state of Montana, USA, over the attack in Great Falls last year.

According to reports, Mears, then 19, had entered her ex-partner’s home while he was out. When he returned he found her inside armed with a machete.

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She ordered him to remove his clothes and get on the bed. She removed her pants, crawled on top of him, and then forced him to engage in sexual intercourse.

She was charged with sexual intercourse without consent, aggravated burglary, assault with a weapon, and unlawful restraint.

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