Looking for Best Web hosting company in Nigeria and in Africa? Budgetoffshore is the Solution


Looking for Best Web hosting company in Nigeria and in Africa? Budgetoffshore is the Solution

Are you thinking of setting up a website in Nigeria?

If so, you’re going to need a fast and reliable web host – the foundation that powers your site.

Are you a Blogger or a website developer are you looking for The best wordpress hosting in Nigeria or you thinking of setting up a website in Nigeria and in any part of Africa at large look no more because Budgetoffshore is your solution.

About Budgetoffshore 

Budgetoffshore.Com as company and brand Budgetoffshore is solely the Internet service provider, operating in good faith, We are located in Malaisiya, designed offer service from arround the globle. Our support team consist of 5 members and Sales team has 5 member. Our goal is to grow our company slowly and promote our self by providing excelent support.

As a professional Blogger or web developer OR are you a Starter what you need to look for when considering using a web hosting CHECK BELOW.

1. Speed

We all know the importance of website speed. And speed all begins with a fast web host. A web host should respond within 200ms (according to Google), so look for a host that responds quickly in your location and around the world.

2. Uptime

‘Uptime’ is a measure of reliability. In other words, it’s the percentage of time your website is online. Even an uptime of 98% can mean your site is down for six days of the year(!) Look for an uptime of 99.9% or higher.

3. Security

There’s nothing worse than getting hacked. What would you do if you lost all your content and hard work? That’s why web host security is so important. A good host should have automatic updates and malware scanning. Some even come with a free SSL (security) certificate.

4. Backups

As an extra security and practical feature, many hosts now come with regular automatic backups.

5. Customer service

Ideally, your web host should have 24/7/365 customer service. Most hosts now have customer service options including phone, ticket systems and online chat. Note that some hosts charge extra for a premium support service.

6. Storage and bandwidth

‘Storage’ refers to how much content, images and data you can store on the host’s servers. And ‘bandwidth’ is how much data can flow through from the server. This has an impact on speed and visitor numbers. Naturally, we want the highest storage and bandwidth within reason.

7.High Performance

We choose, the best DC to provide shared hosting, reseller hosting, vps servers and dedicated servers. We hire highly qualified system admin, who has years of experience with webhosting.

8. Price

There price is cheap which make it affordable to everyone who dont budget much money for web-hosting and you can upgrade at anytime. The best of it is that you can get 1 month free trial to test them and see how there service work and Good news is that you can have about 30% discount off your next payment to get started Click here if it ask for coupon code you can use word <JOEL>

With the above consideration you are in a right way because Budgetoffshore.Com offer you all this that you need for your next Budget

Our recommendation

We recommend that you choose an established, international host. (Budgetoffshore is our number one pick). We have tested some part of  largest local Nigerian hosts and were disappointed with the results Before i come across Budgetoffshore. In fact, I Hosted Naijajeodax.com on Budgetoffshore and ever since i can give a good credit about them that is why i am recommending them to you too.

If you’re looking for performance and affordability, Budgetoffshore should be your first choice. Their entry-level price is super competitive while their server speeds are excellent, scoring an A+ across the planet.

Budgetoffshore also comes with a free CDN (content network delivery) service, which means your site will be delivered from a server close to Nigeria for quicker regional speeds.

Budgetoffshore guarantees 99.9% uptime and offers generous features (including daily backups). Best of all, it comes with a 30-day guarantee, just in case you’re not happy.


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