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    life goes on: 3 Month after Hushpuppi was arrested his ‘alleged’ girlfriend shows off new Boyfriend


    hushpuppi girlfriend

    Hushpuppi’s alleged girlfriend, Amirah Dyme has taken to her social media account to reveal her new boyfriend.

    There were speculations that the Instagram model was the socialite’s girlfriend and they met in Dubai.

    Recall that Ramon Olorunwa Abbass aka Hushpuppi was arrested in Dubai for money laundering and internet fraud. The alleged fraudster has since been transferred to a correctional facility in the US.

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    Days after his arrest, Amirah dyme threw a shade at him for “stealing” the money used to sponsor his extravagant lifestyle. This sparked a lot of reactions from Nigerians

    Two months after his arrest, the beautiful socialite has taken to her Instagram account to reveal her new boyfriend.

    She wrote, “I’d never make him choose between me and his PlayStation. I’m just gon hurt myself 😭🤣💔

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    See photos below,

    hushpuppi girlfriend

    hushpuppi girlfriend

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    hushpuppi girlfriend

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    1. hushpuppi is still the highest bidder. Most of his stolen money is still in bitcoin. The quote needs to be rephrased.

    2. She weighed her options after his arrest and extradition and saw that there won’t be a real future with Hushpuppi.

      That said, she shouldn’t be blamed for Hushpuppi’s predicament. She understood the adage that says: “Life Goes On,” with or without him. Mind you, she was his girlfriend, not wife.

    3. You see this life. Never allow a woman’s tears move you. Manipulative set of devils. She knew all hush was into. She was only after the cash. Move it to crime section pls

    4. Hummmmm We don’t know if this is true or not…

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    5. what do you expect from a girl like this ? even this mumu wey she still dey with get problem tonight by tomorrow she go mingle with another guy


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